Sahara Refund Portal Launched by CRCS, Depositor Registration, Apply Online

The Sahara Refund Portal is an initiative launched by the Center Register Of Cooperative Society (CRCS) under the guidance of Amit Shah, Ministry of Corporation, Government of India. This Sahara Refund Portal aims to refund some amount to the victims of Sahara India whose money is stuck in the Sahara India. On 18th July 2023 at 11:00 AM, the CRCS Sahara Portal was inaugurated at the Atal Akshay Urja Bhawan in New Delhi. According to the order of the supreme court of India, the Government of India has allocated Rs 5,000 crore for the refund process.

Sahara Refund Portal

The Sahara India scam victims are eagerly waiting for the supreme court order implemented by the government of India. Through the Sahara India Refund Portal the investor will get 10000 rupees in each phase according to their investment.

The Sahara Refund Portal serves as the central platform for victims of the Sahara India fraud to register their claims and initiate the refund process. The refund amount of Sahara India will be credited into the Sahara SEBI refund account of an individual. The Sahara India Refund Portal ensures transparency by providing a secure and user-friendly interface.

CRCS Sahara Refund Portal

The Center Register Of Cooperative Society (CRCS) plays a vital role in the administration of the Sahara Refund Portal. The CRCS, under the guidance of the Ministry of Corporation, Government of India, oversees the entire Sahara India money refund process and ensures its smooth operation. After the registration of victims on the Sahara India Refund Portal the CRCS verified their provided documents related to Sahara India investments. After the full verification the CRCS allocate the fund to eligible peoples. Fraudulent victims who want to register themselves in the Sahara India CRCS portal can visit its official website.

Sahara India Pariwar

The Sahara India fraud is a multi-billion dollar financial scam by the Sahara Group of India which was founded by Subrata Roy. The Sahara India scam involved the issuance of OFCDs to the investor without any approval of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). Sahara India claimed that it had raised over Rs. 24,000 crore from investors through OFCDs, but SEBI supposed that the actual amount was much higher than 24000 crore.

In 2012, SEBI ordered Sahara to refund the money it had raised through OFCDs but Sahara India challenged the SEBI’s order in court but the case came to supreme court in 2014. In the end Sahara India had to pay SEBI Rs. 22,500 crore in installments but till now Sahara India has only paid the first installment and after that Sahara India did not return even ₹ 1 of the investors to them.

Sahara Refund Portal
Sahara Refund Portal

Document required while registering for Sahara refund portal

Fraud victims have to submit various kinds of documents while registering for the Sahara India Refund Portal. Here are few kinds of document which victim need to submit while registration-

  • Name, address and contact details of fraud victims.
  • Sahara investment receipt.
  • Sahara India agreements.

How to Apply for Sahara Refund Portal On

The official application link has been activated on the Sahara Refund Portal and candidates can reclaim their money through registering themselves in the portal by following steps which was given below-

  • Step 1: To access the Sahara India Refund Portal individual has to visit the official website of Central Register Of Corporate Society of sahara refund –
  • Step 2: Now people have to click on the register button which was given in the Sahara Refund Portal homepage.
  • Step 3: After that candidate has to enter required details such as personal information, investment details, and any supporting documents related to your Sahara India investment.
  • Step 4: Now the CRCS verifies all the details and documents submitted to registration for the Sahara refund portal to ensure the authenticity of the claim.
  • Step 5: After verification candidates can track their refund status through the Sahara Refund Portal. Here
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If an individual faces any issue while applying for the Sahara Refund Portal, they can contact the helpline number of the portal (18001036891 and 18001036893) to address the problem.


When will the Sahara Refund Portal be launched?

The Sahara Refund Portal was launched on 18th July at 11:00 AM by the Center Register Of Cooperative Society (CRCS).

How can an individual register for the Sahara India Refund Portal?

An individual can register themselves for the Sahara India refund by visiting the official website of Sahara Portal CRCS –

What was the budget of the Sahara Refund Portal?

The Government of India has set 5000 crore rupees as a budget for the Sahara Refund Portal.

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