IR Telangana Employees – TS Govt PRC Wage Revision, 5% Interim Relief

Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has approved the establishment of a new Pay Revision Committee (PRC) to address the concerns related to the salaries and pensions of government employees.

The State government has taken a major initiative to address the monetary worries of its hardworking IR Telangana Employees by announcing a five percent temporary financial assistance for government employees and pensioners. This measure aims to provide immediate monetary support to employees and retirees while the Pay Revision Committee (PRC) develops its comprehensive recommendations.

The Chief Minister’s office has taken an important measure to address the concerns of Telangana’s large government workforce, which consists of approximately 3.5 lakh employees. This measure is the declaration of a 5 percent interim relief (IR) which is intended to provide immediate financial support to these dedicated public servants.

IR Telangana Employees

The primary goal of the PRC is to carefully examine the existing salaries of IR Telangana Employees and propose updated salaries with the well-being of these individuals in mind. To ensure that these matters are resolved promptly, the PRC has been directed to submit its recommendations to the government within a period of six months.

Recognizing the importance of allocating the necessary resources for the effective functioning of the PRC, the Finance department has been given clear orders to provide the required funds and personnel. This order is essential to ensure that the committee runs smoothly and effectively.

While developing its recommendations, the PRC will conduct a thorough review. This will involve a detailed analysis of the current salaries of IR Telangana employees compared to those of employees in other State governments and the central government. Additionally, the PRC will consider various factors, such as the State’s income growth, government obligations to current and upcoming investments, social and economic programs, and government programs that provide assistance to those in need.

New PRC for Govt Employees

As the implementation of the model code of conduct draws closer, the Chief Minister has taken a proactive measure to address the concerns of state government employees. A committee has been established to review and recommend changes to the pay scales of these IR Telangana Employees. The orders to form this committee have been issued by Chief Secretary Santhi Kumari.

The committee will be led by retired IAS officer N Sivashankar, who will serve as the Chairperson, and another retired IAS officer, B Ramaiah, who will be a committee member. These appointments bring a wealth of administrative experience to the committee, ensuring a thorough and comprehensive review of the matter.

IR Telangana Employees
IR Telangana Employees

Telangana New Pay Revision

The committee has been tasked with carefully considering the existing pay scales for state government employees and developing proposals for changes. Their mandate includes considering various factors, such as the State’s revenue growth, current and upcoming obligations of the State government towards investments, development programs and social programs.

To ensure that these matters are addressed promptly and efficiently, the committee has been directed to submit its complete report and recommendations to the government within a period of six months. This timeline underscores the government’s commitment to promptly addressing its employees’ concerns, emphasizing the importance of this initiative in improving the financial well-being of state government employees.

TS Government PRC

The previous Pay Revision Committee (PRC) completed its term on 30 June, which was crucial in addressing state government employees’ pay scale and related issues. For context, the previous PRC, formed in July 2018 under the leadership of former IAS officer CR Biswal, had proposed a significant 7.5 percent increase in basic pay in December 2020. This recommendation was a significant step towards improving the financial well-being of IR Telangana Employees.

In March 2021, another committee comprised of IAS officers, led by the Chief Secretary, Somesh Kumar, was appointed to gather employees’ views and perspectives regarding the previous PRC’s recommendations. This approach ensured the employees’ voices and perspectives were properly considered in shaping the final results.

The Chief Minister of Telangana has repeatedly stressed that the state’s government employees receive some of the highest salaries & benefits in the country, surpassing the benefits offered by the Central Government. These developments underscore the government’s dedication to providing competitive compensation packages and ensuring the financial success of its employees, ultimately leading to their overall job satisfaction & well-being.

The state government has announced a revision of pay scales that will be effective from April 2021. This decision has been met with appreciation and relief by government employees. The revised pay scales include a substantial 30 percent increase in basic pay. In addition to this, the government has also increased the retirement age from 58 years to 61 years and these measures reflect the government’s commitment to its workforce’s welfare and financial stability.

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