8th Pay Commission Salary: Increase in DA & Salaries News for Central Employees

The news of the 8th Pay Commission Salary holds significant importance for those working as government employees in the country’s public departments. In today’s article, we aim to provide you information about the implementation of the 8th-pay commission. Currently, government employees are receiving allowances under the 7th pay commission. This increment aims to raise salaries due to increasing inflation. Before the 7th pay commission, employee salaries were determined under the 6th pay commission. Consequently, employees are now anticipating the implementation of the 8th pay commission.

8th Pay Commission Salary

According to the information available, government employees are not satisfied with the salary under the 7th pay structure due to rising inflation, causing distress. Hence, they are demanding the application of the 8th Pay Commission Salary. Central government employees are anticipating when the government might implement the 8th pay structure. Therefore, there is hope that the Central Government might introduce the 8th pay structure on the auspicious occasion of the upcoming new year.

For quite some time, there have been demonstrations by central government employees urging the Central Government to implement the 8th pay structure. However, as of now, there hasn’t been any official information on this matter. Nevertheless, discussions about the implementation of the 8th pay structure are ongoing. We are mentioning this because the parliamentary elections are approaching, and the government will likely make several efforts to win the elections. Therefore, there is an expectation among employee unions that the government might announce the implementation of the 8th pay structure, and hence, they are also protesting.

8th Pay Commission Overview

AuthorityMinistry of Finance
Article8th Pay Commission Salary
Scheme Started byCentral Government of India
Based onFitment Factor
Expected Factor1.89

8th Pay Commission Salary Implementation

It’s important to note that there are a total of 48.67 lakh central government employees and 67.95 lakh pensioners in the country. This means that there is a total of 1 crore 15 thousand voters who might receive some benefits from the government, making the implementation of the 8th pay structure significantly important. Consequently, there is a possibility that considering the appeals and the employees’ grievances, the government might consider implementing the 8th pay structure.

8th Pay Commission Salary
8th Pay Commission Salary

Regarding when the 8th Pay Commission will be implemented, no official news has surfaced from the government so far. Central Finance State Minister has discussed this matter in the Parliament. However, according to some sources, there hasn’t been any time set for the formation of this pay commission yet.

Based on the information, the government might decide on implementing the 8th pay structure after the Lok Sabha elections. It’s important to note that implementing a pay commission takes considerable time, from formation to implementation. According to information, if a proposal for its formation is presented after the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, the 8th pay structure might be implemented by 2026.

8th Pay Commission Salary Status

Upon the implementation of the Eighth Pay Commission, employees’ salary status will change. If the government implements the 8th pay structure, the question arises regarding the inflation allowance employees will receive. Employees’ salaries will be increased based on the Fitment Factor. Under this, there will be an increase of 44.44% in every employee’s current salary, and the minimum salary for employees might be up to 26 thousand rupees.

It’s important to note that this figure will only apply when the pay commission is implemented based on the old factors. After this, every employee might see an increase of 26 thousand rupees in their minimum salary. However, this figure is not accurate; the correct information about the increase in employees’ salaries will only be available after the implementation of the VIII-Pay Commission.

Demand for the 8th Pay Commission

Due to continuous and rapid inflation, central government employees are demanding the implementation of the 8th Pay Commission. It’s worth mentioning that the 7th Pay Commission was implemented by the Central Government last year in March 2022, under which employees are currently receiving salaries.

The government has stipulated the provision of implementing a pay commission once every ten years. Recently, a new pay commission was implemented, but employees claim that they haven’t seen any significant increase in their salary according to the 7th Pay Commission. Therefore, central government employees are appealing for the issuance of the new Pay Commission, namely the 8th Pay Commission.

In this article today, we have gathered important information regarding the implementation of the 8th Pay Commission Salary. According to the information, a new pay commission is implemented every ten years, but employees are demanding the 8th Pay Commission Salary just within a year as they haven’t witnessed a significant increase in their salary. Consequently, the government is discussing implementing the 8th Pay Commission as soon as possible.

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